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About Lisa 


My name is Lisa Schouweiler (Shoe-y-ler).  I was born and raised in the Eastern Sierra, and I have resided in Santa Cruz, California for almost 6 years.  I recently graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Marine Biology.  While marine life has always been my passion, photography is another passion of mine.  I love being able to capture a moment, whether it is a breaching humpback or a beautiful sunset.  I am happy that I will be able to share both my passions with you.  

Also, 3% of the total sales will go to support Wallace J. Nichols' Blue Mind Fund.  Nichols is a renown marine biologist who wrote the national bestseller Blue Mind, and he is currently writing a new book Go Deeper: The Seven Ages of Water.  The Blue Mind Fund supports various organizations who connect people to water.  More information can be found here:    

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